Podcasts LP Podcasts

Podcasts formed in Oslo in late 2018, bringing together four work colleagues – Ellis Jones, Kyle Devine, Tore Størvold and Emil Kraugerud – who just happened to have a music rehearsal room in their basement. Their first demo recordings were released as a double single (‘Dragging The Lake’ / ‘First Things First’) in September 2019 on Oslo’s Snertingdal Records. Their debut album was recorded in Oslo in late 2019, and was almost complete before Covid hit, during which time half the band moved away from Oslo. The band finally reunited in May 2023 to put the finishing touches on their record. Podcasts (the album) consists of 11 mostly short, mostly fast songs, drawing on the band members’ diverse musical backgrounds, but centered safely within the realm of indie rock. Some songs sound like they contain three or more little compositions, but that’s probably just the sound of Podcasts.

Podcasts will be touring England in support of their record