Only One / Ex-Vöid SOLD OUT Ex-Vöid

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Pöwer Punk group Ex-Vöid return with their new single Only One. Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with?

Against their label’s wishes, Ex Void have crafted a perverted, obscene, ultra melodic love song in devotion to the odious, unwashed objection of their affection: their Only One.

A sandal wearing, bong inhaling, wispy bearded vision in khakis, the Only One is an unfortunate focal point for that most ominous of afflictions: a hippy fetish. As card carrying punks, Ex-Vöid are bracing themselves for an immediate ex-communication from the UK’s D.I.Y. scene, but they hope that more open minded listeners might view their single as a form of therapy, perhaps even as an exorcism.

Those less concerned with lyrical content will be pleased to hear a highly contagious sonic blast of aggressive jangle pop buried underneath the smut. Ex-Vöid have created a pop song so jangly, so melodic, that it could be considered nationally threatening and potentially illegal under current UK legislation. On their eponymously titled b-side Ex-Vöid, the band violently shift gear into more ominous, cosmic territory as they pummel through 40 seconds of dissonant hardcore punk overlain with McArdle screaming about an all pervasive, all seeing Black Hole.

Ex-Vöid was formed in 2018 by Alanna McArdle and Owen “O” Williams from the punk group Joanna Gruesome. During McArdle’s time in Joanna Gruesome, the band toured internationally, received acclaim from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The New York Times and The Observer, were playlisted on BBC 6 Music and won the 2014 Welsh Music Prize. Ex-Vöid was formed after the pair reunited, having unexpectedly attended the same contemporary dance class. Since forming, Ex-Vöid have been creating similar waves, touring with groups such as Waxahatchee and Speedy Ortiz, as well as gaining attention from 6 Music and publications such as The Fader, Brooklyn Vegan and Stereogum.