The Tubs

The Tubs were formed by two of the primary songwriters from the critically lauded pop group Joanna Gruesome: Owen ‘O’ Williams & George ‘GN’ Nicholls. In the winter of 2018, the two songwriters rented a caravan in rural North Wales with the view of expanding the dimensions of their ‘jubilant’ (New York Times), ‘hook stuffed’ (Pitchfork) compositions. The results were a set of pop songs containing an almost unreasonable volume of melodic hooks.

They then recruited another JG member Max ‘Wozza’ Warren (responsible for the Gob Nation punk label), before completing the line up with Sam Ayres and Rachel Kenedy from the ‘savage, sacharrine’ (NME) pop group Flowers.

The influence of Flying Nun and Chapter Music acts on The Tubs is clear, as well as the band’s appreciation of contemporary antipodeans such as The Goon Sax & Twerps. But The Tubullar Sound’s breadth is always growing wider and wider, absorbing influences that range from needling Post Punk to Cleaners from Venus style jangle and traditional British Folk music.