The Telephone Numbers

It’s fair to say that when The Telephone Numbers debut album was released in the Summer of 2021 we were insanely jealous of Meritorio Records who had put it out. It sounded like the sort of record we really should have been putting out.
There’s a point at 3 minutes 43 seconds in the eighth song on the album ( Curtain Call ) where Morgan’s vocal kicked in that just perfectly captured the point in time where Juliana Hatfield joined The Lemonheads.
That’s not to say Thomas and Morgan are the Evan and Juliana of the current San Francisco indie scene, or that they sound especially like The Lemonheads, but The Telephone Numbers have that same knack of never overplaying their hand. There’s always just the right amount of everything in their songs, like The Go Betweens, or early Bright Eyes.
It’s fair to say from that precise point, 3.43 in that song, we began plotting to get the band to record something for us. And we are eternally grateful that they did.