The Natvral

Unlike the 2 year saga we had with EggS, getting Kip Berman AKA The Natvral to do a record for us was relatively straightforward. We asked him and he said yes. It might even have been the other way round.

Kip was formerly the singer and primary songwriter in the critically acclaimed band The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Everyone at Prefect really loved that band, but we also really loved that Kip killed the band off while it was still successful rather than milk it past the sell by date. That takes a lot of courage.

It’s the first time we have put out a single by an artist that’s had an album out already on another label, but we really loved the tracks, and if we didn’t do it then there’s a fair chance that nobody else would have. Certainly not in the way we have done it.

Kip gets the whole DIY ethos of the label, which is the most important thing for us when we make a call on whether to put something out. Its cool that someone who has sold a lot of records will do something with a label that doesn’t sell a lot of records and we think what we ended up with was something that has merit.

In very DIY packaging .