In 2019 I went to see the band Podcasts at DIY Space in Peckham. It’s a strange venue, you come off the train at South Bermondsey, and walk for a mile past Millwall’s Football ground, and then veer off down some dimly lit streets full of small industrial units. Many of them are makeshift garages where shady looking men are furtively working on even shadier looking cars. Then there’s what appears to be some sort of Baptist Church where people are singing very loudly and enthusiastically about God in a converted unit with no windows. And there’s the DIY Space.

I knew nothing about Podcasts before the gig, I wasn’t even aware of Ellis Jones who is in them, and I wasn’t aware of his other band Trust Fund. With the label I think if I see a band live, I generally know within a few songs whether I want to put their records out. In this case I did, and I bounded backstage to tell the band that I did, probably far too enthusiastically, and was met with stony silence. On reflection as I made my way back to the train station, I told myself I had been far too enthusiastic and had probably come across as a slightly crazy and badly dressed old man that should be in some sort of care home environment.

I did not hear from the band, and I admit had completely forgotten about them until late 2022 when they sent me an email saying “We finally finished that album for you, would you like to hear it? “

The first song I listened to had more chords in it than most of our bands get through in an entire album. As a non-musician I automatically took comfort in now knowing that this band hadn’t been mulling over whether to trust me with their record for 3 years, but had actually spent 3 years trying to get that many chords into a song. I think days are probably shorter in Norway too. Certainly, in the Wintertime.