Back in the day when we were starting the label I had a conversation with Owen about bands we might be able to sign. He suggested Dry Cleaning , which may sound a tad optimistic on his part but at the time they were unsigned. I suggested Eggs, or eGGs as they were then known, or EggS as they are now known.

The Dry Cleaning thing died a very early death, but I never gave up hope with EggS.

Tracking down the band however,  proved remarkably challenging. They had absolutely no Social Media or internet footprint whatsoever. This I considered to be a good thing.

In 2019 I started a Facebook conversation with a man I believed to be their singer. After 3 weeks of talking around the subject, I finally asked him if he was in EggS and if the band had any plans to record new material.

The reply I got simply said :

” I am not in EggS, do not contact me again ”

He then blocked me.

About 6 months later I got a tip off from a guy I know who lives in Paris saying his friend had seen the band live, and knew where the guitarist lived. I reached out to the friend via email and asked him if he could put a word in for us. I got a reply which essentially said that the friend approached the guitar player in the street, who completely denied being in the band and then ran across a busy road to evade further questioning. The friend went so far as to say ” I know its him because he was wearing the same shirt he had on when I saw them live ”

So early in 2021 when I was passed an email address for the band I held out little hope of it leading anywhere. Not least because it was the longest email address I had ever seen and was in two different languages. It began weareeggsyesweare before slipping into what looked like Spanish. My daughter said it was an obvious thing to do for a band pretending to be EggS – I suspect because she didn’t want to see me heartbroken once more.

Then again who but EggS would create such a ridiculously long email address that it was impossible to memorise ?

So I sent an email more in hope than expectation, saying I was a huge fan, and asking whether they would make a record for us.

A few days later I got a one line reply that simply said :

” The answer is obviously yes ”

And so we now have EggS. I mean I probably told everyone I know this news maybe 100 times already, but there you have it. Not that I have seen them, or met them, or have any real proof they exist, but they do now have an Instagram page. They don’t actually post anything on it, but it definitely exists