Prefect 004

You probably saw by now , but we slipped out Prefect 4 the same day as Prefect 3.

Its a debut on vinyl by Mt. Misery. Some would say a long overdue vinyl debut.

Obviously I would say this, but I think its a really great record, Unfortunately the release party we had planned for it at The Georgian Theatre in Stockton on 4 Dec got put back, and has now been cancelled. Disappointing, but given the tiers of a clown fell heaviest once again on the North East of England, the right decision under the circumstances.

The good news for anyone that bought this and liked it, or who didn’t buy it but liked it, is that there is an album on the way.

Better news for us here at Prefect is that we will be the ones putting it out. And I say that as someone who has heard it.