New Releases

After what feels like forever, we thought we would give you a quick update on forthcoming releases.

Prefect 3 , a very limited edition 7 inch single will be out at the end of this month. Handmade sleeves, original artwork by James Vinciguerra, and two carefully crafted songs about Canary Wharf.

Prefect 4, a limited edition 7 inch single on cream coloured vinyl will be out first week in December. A pair of songs about heartbreak, regret, remorse and wrapped in sleeves we folded ourselves. Its an Autumn release, released in December. Sums up the label really.

Prefect 5 should be out early in the New Year. The Tubs finally going back into the studio to finish off the single they began recording for us in March the weekend before Lockdown kicked in. They tell us they now have enough songs to make it an EP. Sounds promising.

Ex Void are still a thing. Barely a week goes by without us being asked what’s happening with the band. They assure us they have recorded an album, though we have yet to hear any of it. Or see the artwork. It is coming though. Possibly in April 2021.


Mark + Jas + Alfie